Pop-Up Dining

Zest dining

The team at Zest host exquisite unique dining experiences as 'pop-up' restaurants around South Wales. 

Pop Up restaurants first became popular in New York around 10 years ago, when people would turn their homes into restaurants for the night serving a set menu prepared by the homeowner. The concept then branched out, and soon various unusual locations across the city ranging from art galleries to rooftop gardens became restaurants for the evening.

Zest Dining has embraced this concept, and we regularly “POP-UP” in interesting and unique locations in South Wales serving our cuisine in unlikely venues. The Pop –Up concept allows guests to enjoy a fabulous meal in the company of friends in a relaxed atmosphere. As most of our venues are unlicensed, guests bring their own drink to the event which adds to the charm of the dining experience.

So keep an eye out for our next Pop UP event, or if you know of a good location that would lend itself well to being converted into a restaurant for the evening, we would be delighted to receive any suggestions.